Dudao wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker 3W 500mAh radio black (Y9s-black)

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Dudao wireless Bluetooth 5.0 speaker 3W 500mAh radio black (Y9s-black) Wireless speaker designed for everyday use at home or work place. Perfect for playing music or audiobooks. This hands-free set will ensure high comfort of receiving sound and increase the quality of each activity. Thanks to the wireless connection to the device, the user gains a lot of freedom in terms of its placement. It does not necessarily have to be a place close to an electrical socket. The built-in TF and micro SD card reader means that you do not need other devices for its operation. Bluetooth version: 5.0 Battery capacity: 500 mAh Power: 3W Sound sources: Bluetooth, FM radio, TF / micro SD card reader (max 32GB), AUX, USB Battery charging connector type: micro USB Input voltage: 5V Music playback time: up to 2 hours Charging time: 2 hours Distance: 10m Functional gadget There is sure to be a place in your home for this compact and powerful gadget. It was created with the use of high-quality materials and looks elegant in contemporary interiors. It receives the signal at a distance of 10 meters, so you can listen to music even from a greater distance.